Prevail Fitness is a studio functional fitness gym offering a select amount of memberships. We are committed to offering both a private atmosphere for every persons specific fitness journey while also maintain a clean and sanitized environment. Prevail Fitness is a completely women-owned and operated business founded by co-owners, Kayla Credicott and Ashleigh Collins. Together, we believe everyone should have access to a space where they feel most comfortable no matter what your body type, we believe having an inclusive environment is important for fitness success.

Prevail Fitness is operated inside of the Niagara International Sport and Entertainment (NISE) facility which is a project started to renovate the old Summit Park Mall, and bring back good business to the Niagara Falls community. When you support our facility and our good friends at NISE, you are supporting the development of great changes for this space and creating opportunity for us to expand the operation to offer more for the great city of Niagara Falls and what it can be. Help make us the top sports and wellness destination around!